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Site representation company and CPM/CPC online ad network focused on high-quality Web sites with targeted content and significant audience reach. Represents over 500 sites and serves 300 million monthly impressions.

24/7 Web Alliance is comprised of over 900 publishers serving over 7 billion impressions a month. Primarily CPM ads with limited CPC ads. No CPAs. Contracts with publishers on a revenue split, no serving fee.
Minimum traffic: 1 million monthly page views. 80% of total traffic must be US based.

Relatively new CPM network offering an impressive 70% payout to publishers, geotargeting and all standard banner formats primarily in the Communications, Internet, Shopping, News, Technology, and Travel sectors. Serves approximately 30 million monthly impressions.

CPM and CPC online advertising network, apparently formed fairly recently and based in Canada.

Revenue.net is owner of several "high-growth, premium content sites" approaching 5 million monthly unique visitors and 100 million impressions. Also includes a network of content publishers to which it offers CPM, CPC and CPA advertising. CPM and CPC not available to all publishers.

Right Media helps match display advertisers with Web-site publishers, and it hopes to do for display ads what Google has done for search ads.

Pop-up network, apparently affiliated with Specific Click, a mostly CPC network. About 450 sites represented, serving over 300 million monthly pop impressions targeted to specific (hence the name) sites. Uses the AdXpress for Networks ad server.

Discover the benefits of partnering with Tribal Fusion® and maximize the value of their highly targeted content.

Pop-up network catering to entertainment sites covering, to quote the site, "the things young guys care about like Girls, Games, Movies, TV, Music, Technology, Sports, Wrestling, Animation and more."

General network using the AdXpress for Networks ad server.

ValueClick, Inc. (Nasdaq:VCLK) is one of the world's largest integrated online marketing companies, offering comprehensive and scalable solutions to deliver cost-effective customer acquisition for advertisers and significant revenue for publishers.
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