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Owned by Yahoo, Right Media specializes in display, or graphical, ads that appear at fixed locations on Web pages - in contrast to, say, the text ads that turn up alongside Web search results and have transformed Google into an online media titan. Right Media helps match display advertisers with Web-site publishers, and it hopes to do for display ads what Google has done for search ads.

Yahoo and others tap Right Media to help place ads on the swiftly multiplying number of pages generated by users, as well as any other so-called nonpremium pages, or those that lack content about a specific subject, such as finance.

Right Media is trying to reinvent the way display ads are bought and sold. Online media companies, publishers, and advertisers aren't getting the best value from deals because they typically negotiate in a closed system without much information about what others are willing to pay and why. For instance, some advertisers may shy away from placing ads on News Corp.'s (NWS) MySpace for lack of information on the user-generated pages where the message may be published.

So Right Media runs an open auction system where marketers can learn more about the available space and, through participating ad-targeting companies, the Web surfers who may be viewing their ads - and then bid for that space on the fly. The greater transparency widens the pool of would-be buyers, often resulting in higher prices for the sellers and a more successfully targeted ad for the marketer.

As robust as that demand may be, Right Media has a long way to go before it can be compared to Google. Currently, Right Media's platform reflects only a fraction of the online display ad market - it would have to encompass a much greater slice before it is in the Google league.

Right Media has tools that let publishers see the ad content that would go on a site, refuse certain ads or companies, and set the "rating" of allowed ads. For example, a publication could say it only wants family-appropriate ads. And advertisers can choose, down to a pretty detailed level, what sites they bid on.

Right Media website states:

Let's say you buy tickets for the Super Bowl because it appears that your team simply cannot lose. Then they choke in the playoffs and suddenly you're stuck with a couple of Super Bowl tickets you no longer want. How do you sell them? Email your friends? Contact a ticket broker? Not anymore. You want to get as much as you can for those tickets? You put them up on eBay. Open competition drives up their value, and you sell them for as much money as possible.

The same applies to selling your ad inventory. Put it in the hands of one large broker and you have no idea if you are making as much as you can on every impression. That ad network picks buyers for your inventory based on its own needs, and arbitrarily determines its value as a result.

By contrast, auction every single impression in an open marketplace and you guarantee that the buyer who is willing to pay the most for an impression can access and bid for it. Competition determines who buys your inventory - the market determines its true value.

Regain that certainty and control as a publisher on the Right Media Exchange. Whether you're a huge conglomerate of sites with a giant sales force or a one-person show, the same principles apply. If an ad impression cannot be sold at a premium, auction it in the exchange. Thousands of buyers openly compete for it in real-time and drive up its value. You sell the impression to the highest-paying advertiser automatically, and maximize revenue with minimal effort.

Right Media has two different products for publishers. If you're looking for an easy way to manage your networks and generate more competition for your inventory, try Direct Media Exchange . If you're a large publisher and need a solid strategy for consolidating and managing your non-premium business, try PMX.

Publisher Media Exchange
If you are a larger publisher with a sales force that is dedicated to selling premium inventory, PMX is the best way to sell everything else. It is a dedicated strategy for non-premium inventory that allows you to create your own open exchange - to consolidate the inventory across all of your properties, enable all buyers to automatically compete for every impression and drive more value with less effort.

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