How And Why I Started This Website?

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Last year, a couple of my friends and I one day were talking about how much information is  available on the Internet. How useful it is but at the same time some information is so useless to ordinary folks like us. Some processes by nature are complex like, for example, search engines.

One of us has a small business of his own and had interest in developing a website. But none of us knew how to go about it. He said even if he somehow developed a simple website with a few pages, how is he going to promote it online?

We did a lot of research, looked at quite a few websites but did not find a single website that had all the information about developing, managing and promoting a website in a logically organized and step by step fashion. When folks talk about English language alphabets, they start with A and then B and C and so on. They don't jump from A to H and then to P and back to A and  ....

During our research, the websites we looked at had information alright but in a very disorganized manner - something like some people might call spagetti look-alike. In other words, there was no beginning, no middle and certainly no end to their websites. We didn't know where it started and where it ended. Like I stated above, some information by nature is complex and complicated. So we decided to make it simple wherever possible and more readily understandable to ordinary folks like us.

That's when we decided the World Wide Web needs another website but this time a site that will present information in a more methodically and logically organized way. There will be a:

Beginning - Build A Website
Middle - Web Hosting Services
End - Promote A Website

Also there will be a chapter on how to protect your PC and your data.

We would get together on Sunday afternoons and just brainstorm the idea of developing a website. We decided to develop this website of information for the Do-It-Yourself (DIY) as well as newbies. The information would be presented to the visitors in a more methodical, logical and step-by-step fashion.

One afternoon, during such session, we just started sketching a rough design, a simple one and organized it into a menu form. The task was given to me to start working on it.

The problem was none of us knew how to develop it. Later we came to know that HTML was being mostly used. We looked over some HTML code but the things that we wanted to do, just simple HTML was not enough. We (or rather I) learned some but not a whole lot.

We then started looking for an editor - an HTML editor. But the editors we looked at had one small problem. I had to learn complete HTML, DHTML and the JavaScript and so on. Then during our search, we came upon a website builder that claimed we didn't have to learn HTML or JavaScript or another language for that matter.

Because they were offering it free, we decided to download it and try it out. Lo and behold, it was so simple and so easy to use that we started to work on creating our website. Because we had already researched our subject, had selected a topic, had sketched out the design and a little content, all we had to do was type in our content and slowly but surely we developed our website.

Our effort is based on:
1. You have to know what you want to do and why. Then when it comes time to how to develop it,
    search for the best possible tools and utilities that will do your job and then some.
2. Make it simple, straightforward and direct.
3. No un-related and un-necessary stories except perhaps in 'About Us.'
4. Go direct to the core of the topic. Again no stories.

Come to think of it, we have enough experience with the tools and utilities we have used that we can offer some advice on how best to use them. May be not much as an expert but enough that we can send some one in the right direction.
We informally named it Johnny - our favorite entertainment personality.

So folks! He-e-e-e-re Is J.......?
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