Tutorials on the Internet

I came across a few tutorials and tips on the Internet that I want to share them with you.

A one page description of HTML
Before you get into details, read this article to get yourself familiarized with HTML...

Introduction to HTML by David Raggett
This is probably the simplest and easiest explanation of HTML that I have come across...

Another simpler introduction of HTML by Jimmy Ruska video
A very interesting way of introducing HTML...

The Grand daddy of them all - W3Schools
I learned a lot about HTML from these folks. Not only that, I learned about CSS (cascade Style Sheets), XML, enough that when I see a tip or a script, I know the details of it, may be not 100% but at least enough that I can copy and paste it on my website with slight modification. They are responsible for latest specifications on HTML and other subjects...

For the legalities of links and other design issues, read related chapters on W3C Design Issues.

Because of the nature of the websites, expect slower downloads.
Beginner's Guide to Adobe Photoshop
Tutorial Tab.net
Create Trendy Flat 3D Text
Create a Freelancer Portfolio
Windows Vista Calendar
Wolfman Signature
Creating some tasty Cheese
Create a Colorful Layout
Create a Sleek Navigation Header
Create a Slick Web Layout with no Images
Create eye-catching photo filled Text
Create a hand tinted vintage Postcard

Create a 3D Flash Gallery

Writing Clean PHP Code
Implement Email Verification for New Members
Getting Started with PHP Programming
The ABC's of PHP: Introduction to PHP

Make your forms beautiful with CSS

More tutorials

A Website Tutorial
Learn to create your first website
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