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Back to where came from - At the end of every page on the left side below the vertical menu, you would see a button for Back To where came from. No matter what page you are on, when you click on this button, it will bring you back to the previous page where you came from.

So, let us say you are at a page on Create Website menu and because you clicked on a link and now you are on Promote Website menu, you click on this button and you will come back on Create Website menu to the page that you previously came from.

Even when you click on WordPress blog basics plus, and want to come back to the same page that you left from, just click on a Back to where came from, It will bring you back to

The following is the code for Back To where came from:

<form> <input style="color: #0000FF; height: 35px; font-family: Verdana; font-size: 12px; background-color: #DFF2F2;" onclick="javascript: history.go(-1)" type="button" value="Back To where came from" />

Open page - When you click on a link - whether link to internal page or external website page, usually there are three choices with us, especially with using newer versions of a browser:

Open page in New Window - Pressing SHIFT key while clicking on a link.

Open page in New Tab - Pressing CTRL key while clicking on a link.

Open page in Same Window - Do nothing, just click on a link.

Note: As I have stated in website design item of the vertical menu, the webmaster has a choice of which option to follow by default. I chose same window for internal pages and open in new window for external pages. With the description of the three choices given here, I think I would make changes in all the content files so that external pages will open in the same window and let the user make the decision about that. That is my next project.

What should you do?
The short answer is: think long and hard before you open any link in a new window. If you still think that using a new window is a good idea then you really have two options. If you warn the user that the link opens in a new window, it won't come as a nasty surprise. There are a number of ways you can warn users:

1. Use the href title attribute to let the user know that the link opens in a new window.

2. Use extra text with the external link to indicate that the link opens in a new window. So the text will become a part of the external link.
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