Monetize with CPM Ads Networks

Monetize with Ads Networks

CPM : Cost per Thousand ( M = Latin word Mille in the acronym = Roman symbol for 1000 ).

CPM is generally taken to mean "cost per thousand impressions". The CPM networks provide advertising on this basis and the publisher gets paid x amount per 1,000 times the adverts are displayed. Joining these networks and making their adverts a replacement for the charity adverts on Google Adsense can boost your income considerably if you have a busy site.

For advertisers looking to sell their products and services and for those publishers looking to monetize their websites, one of the most beneficial types of ad networks that can help is the CPM ad network.

CPM is one of the most commonly used bench marks in the advertising industry and is not only used online, but in radio, TV and other forms of advertising. Instead of an ad network giving you the total cost for an advertising campaign, it easily states its ad rates at the cost per 1,000 views.

CPM advertising networks behave pretty much as PPC networks, except that you get paid according to the number of impressions (i.e., page views) that the ads displayed on your website will generate. CPM ads are also good for sites which have a very diverse demographic and which have a very widespread userbase.

For publishers that have highly trafficked websites, CPM ad networks are a great way to monetize their site. For instance, a web site that draws thousands of viewers each day can easily make hundreds of dollars showcasing CPM ads.

Publishers can easily sign up with a CPM ad network configure their site to easily display standardized ads and start making money immediately once an advertiser places their ad.

CPM rates vary with the network, the position of the ad and the format. The better the network, the higher the CPM rate (because they have access to more advertisers). The closer you put the ad to the top of the page, the higher the CPM. The bigger the format (in terms of pixels), the higher the CPM.

Usually most publishers receive payments bi monthly or monthly and views are tracked by both the web site publisher and the CPM ad network. CPM ad networks are the ideal way to monetize your site, especially if you as a publisher have a high trafficked web site.

There is no need to sell a product, generate a lead or have a visitor click on an ad sending the viewer away from your web site. While CPM does not pay as well as other types of monetization strategies, it fits many publishers. needs quite well.

A blog that generates 100,000 page views monthly displaying an advertising banner with a $1 CPM, therefore, will earn $100 monthly.

You can get as low as $0,10 and as high as $10 per 1,000 impressions (more in some special cases). CPM advertising tends to work well on websites with a high page views per visitor ratio (e.g., online forums, magazines and so on).

In a Nutshell
There are several payment plans, depending on the advertising campaign of each company. Some companies will pay money, simply to have their banner displayed on your site and seen by 1000 people, regardless of whether someone clicks on the banner or not. This type of advertising is called CPM (cost per 1000).
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