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BURST! Media is one of the premier advertising networks in the industry for speciality content web publishers. It delivers more than 2-3 billion impressions every month and has over 2,000 web publishers in its network of websites.

Founded in 1995, BURST! has survived the downturn in the internet advertisement industry primarily because of the niche speciality targeted market that it caters to. The advertisers can choose from more than 20 content and audience channels and 477 sub-channels, for contextual targeting of their advertisments.

BurstMedia uses its proprietory AdConductor technology to deliver the ad creatives to the publishing websites.

BURST! accepts only speciality content websites with at least 5,000 page views per month. The other rules for applying can be found at their website. Once accepted, it may take a few months for the publishing website to receive targeted advertisement. In the meantime, run-of-network advertisements are shown.

The site is listed in the network gallery of websites. Advertisers can choose the category or individual websites for their advertisement needs. BURST! also provides a survey code for publishers to add to their websites. The survey helps in determining the demographics of the web site's visitors and hence in signing up more advertisers.

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Burst Media offers web publishers two ways to help their site reach its maximum ad revenue earning potential:

The Burst Network: The leading online partner for specialty-content publishers
The Burst Network is Burst Media's 11 year-old ad network comprised of more than 4,200 premium, specialty-content websites that are segmented into more than 400 content sub-channels. Burst Network publishers can choose from diverse advertising programs and formats that feature a blend of blue-chip brand advertisers and specialized providers of goods and services

Direct From Burst Media Website:
At Burst, specialty-content publishers are more than just our customers: they are the very reason we exist.

From our inception as BURST! Media, we have focused on addressing the needs and ensuring the success of specialty-content publishers. How do we support the advertising requirements of more than 4,200 Websites? By understanding Web publishers better than anyone. The value of our publisher sites and audience lies at the core of our selling proposition.

We know that our publishers need resources that enable them to identify and leverage their best advertising opportunities. They want complete control over their advertising programs, and access to powerful technologies that help enhance revenues. Just as important, our publishers want a partner who will support their efforts to deliver great content to audiences hungry for specialized information.

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Burst Direct
Burst Direct is the ad network that helps publishers maximize their sell-through by providing massive reach to direct marketers. Burst Direct fulfills large volume direct marketing campaigns from advertisers seeking consumers who are ready to act. These campaigns are an excellent way for web publishers to monetize unsold inventory.

Benefits of Joining Burst Media
The Burst Network and Burst Direct are BPA Worldwide Certified
Burst Media's ad networks are the only ad networks that are BPA Worldwide certified, assuring publishers that all campaign data is audited and accurate.

Control over which campaigns appear on your site
The Burst Network and Burst Direct allow you to control which ads run on your site, and review full campaign details at any time.

Dedicated Sales Force
Both the Burst Network and Burst Direct are supported by sales teams that maximize inventory sell-through.

Superior Customer Service
Burst Media provides one of the best publisher services teams in the industry, providing clear, concise, and timely answers.

Burst Direct for Publishers: Maximizing Revenue and Your Control
Burst Direct helps publishers maximize their sell-through by providing massive reach to direct marketers. By joining the Burst Direct network, which is comprised of over 800 web publishers offering thousands of sites, you?ll be able to run a number of performance-driven campaigns across your site, and take advantage of the following benefits:

A transparent advertising environment; you have complete control over which ads run on your site
You have access to intuitive, easy-to-use Burst Direct tools, and in-depth reporting
Non-exclusive contracts
A dedicated sales force to maximize sell-through
Support for all IAB standard creative units
Superior support from our dedicated publisher services staff
Advanced publisher account management through our proprietary tools

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