Selling Services

This page is written regarding selling your or some one else's services as an affiliate. However, the same, for the most part, is true for products as well.

Do you, or could you, sell a professional or personal service? You can use Voda Utilities to build a site with a theme related to your service...

The theme-based content attracts your targeted potential clients from around the world if you have a global market (e.g., selling software or giving information for free like my website)... or in your hometown if your business has a local clientele like dentist.

Your site's content should give the feeling that your website is genuine in the eyes of your potential new clients. Now have a high quality service , and you have a new, high-lifetime-value customer!  There is no faster, more cost-effective way to build your client base.

What skill set or knowledge do you possess that you could sell to others? What could you learn and then sell to others? Think! The answer is often right under your nose.

By "services," please do not think of just Net-related services like programming or Web design (although they can and should be included as possible services).

Basics of Selling Services
The sale of a service is basically the sale of specialized time... someone with a specific knowledge or ability sells hours which deliver solutions required by a "client" who uses the Net to search for specialized information and solutions!

The "delivery" of a service is frictionless. In other words, you do not have to pick-pack-and-ship products. The websites have affiliate programs do that. There is no better way to grow your service-delivery business than through a website that works. The basic concept is so obvious...

People will pay for skills or knowledge that others like you possess. If it is of reasonable quality and cheaper for them to pay for it, then they will buy it.

As you can see, the possibilities are endless. Voda Utilities and my website are the perfect solution, because these two remove all the technology and complexity of building and marketing your website, which lets you focus solely on growing your business, which means adding new clients to whom you sell your service(s).

Services fit into two general categories...

1) Services with a GLOBAL clientele
Let's say that you index books for a living. There's a global market of authors and publishers looking for you! And you can use our facilities to build a Web presence that attracts targeted, motivated traffic, and sell your book-indexing service online.

2) Services with a LOCAL clientele
For example, suppose you are a Dentist, offering your services in your hometown. My website shows you how to tailor its power to reach your local market and build a profitable base of clientele in your region.

If you think you don't have services to offer, think again. Do a self-evaluation...

What skills set do you have that others would pay to employ on a periodic basis? Or what could you learn to do? The answer to those questions will tell you what services you can sell online. Maybe even a dentist in California. And when (not "if") you have the answer, provides the way.
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