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How Can the World Wide Web Help Your Local Business Which Has Local Clients??"

Do you have a small business that is largely offline? Are your clientele mostly local? You might think that the Net, more specifically your own website, offers few opportunities for businesses with a customer base clustered in a small geographic area. After all, the Web is "world wide"... a "global medium."

Up until recently, you would have been fairly correct.

More and more, your potential clients are forsaking those heavy Yellow Pages paper books for Google and other engines. It's easy and fast to do a search for "lawn care Nashua NH" -- and if you don't find one in the town of Nashua, widen the search to "lawn care Vermont" -- try widening your search with Yellow Pages!

And it's not just the clients. Faster and faster, local businesses are coming online. They are using the Net to...

- build trust and deepen relationships with existing local customers by providing friendly, personal information about the business, great content (ex., valuable "do-it-yourself" articles), "web site only" specials, etc.
- raise their local profile above that of competitors
- promote locally and take customers from competitors
- continue to stay "top-of-mind" and deepen relationships with customers through an e-zine
- build targeted traffic to find new customers, even add entirely new income streams
- leverage their local expertise and knowledge for global clients, selling their goods online, even through online auctions.

Develop a solid Web presence, generate targeted traffic, build loyalty through a newsletter for customers, get the edge on local competition, and add new income streams.

Unlike Yellow Pages, your website can:

- attract hundreds, even thousands, of visitors, many of whom become new business, per day?
- PREsell prospective customers before they call you?
- nurture, encourage and develop the relationship you already maintain with existing customers
- command undivided attention?
- take clients away from competitors?
- develop new ways to monetize your skills and knowledge?
- give you the ability to update frequently and to reach your clients with seasonal specials
- open new markets globally (yes, your local business!)?

Right At This Moment, A Customer Is At Google...
Will Yours Be The Business That is Found?

Despite the overwhelming advantages of a website, most small local businesses have at least one Yellow Pages ad, but they do not have a website.

Combine this growing small business trend with another one... more and more consumers find those big, heavy paper Yellow Pages too inconvenient and limiting. It's so much easier and flexible to use Google and other Search Engines. People are now comfortable with the Net -- and soon, most will be...

You can pull high volumes of targeted traffic to your site, by building pages that focus upon frequently searched keywords applicable to topics related to your business. Traffic that will dwarf what the Yellow Pages delivers on a dollar-per-thousand inquiries basis, and traffic that may open up entire new horizons.

Bottom line? A website that works Is like having 1,000 Yellow Pages Ads building your local small business. Your site delivers great content on a particular set of topics (all related to your site's theme, which is related to your offline business). People find your content through your high rankings at the Search Engines (and other techniques). They convert into income.
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