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468x60, skyscrapers, capped pop-unders and capped "AdFlys" - floating ads, similar to Fastclick's InVue ads. No stated minimum traffic level.

Banners and Unicast superstitials. 5,000 impressions per month, 0,25% CTR required. Several reports of non-payment of publishers, and banners and skyscrapers blink and twinkle all over the network's own home page - never a good sign. Best avoided.
Minimum traffic: 5,000 monthly impressions.

A medium-sized network with a good reputation for reliable (if slow - net 90) payment and reasonable CPM levels. Minimum traffic: 500,000 monthly page views or 40,000 uniques with a 90% US audience. Offers 468x60 banners, skyscrapers, and pop-ups.
Minimum traffic: 500,000 monthly page views or 40,000 uniques.

The mission of advertising.com is to deliver superior results for their advertiser, agency and publisher clients.

Relatively new network featuring approximately 1,000 "affinity sites". Offers a wide variety of ad formats served using the AdRevolver ad server. Also offers a 10% referral incentive for publishers.

BURST! Media is one of the premier advertising networks in the industry for speciality content web publishers.

Casale Media is the only advertising network that puts the power to control every aspect of default inventory into publishers' very own hands.

CPC network owned by ValueClick and offering rates up to $0.25 per click. Claims 34 million unique users. No particular traffic or site quality constraints, sloppy web site text, and limited information on payment terms may raise some warning flags.
No stated traffic minimum.

Gorilla Nation Media is an online media rep firm representing about 300 different web properties across many different categories, primarily in the Entertainment & Lifestyle space. Site categories include movies, gaming, television, music, horror, male lifestyle, sports, DVD, technology, Latin and urban, science fiction and fantasy, comic book and animation, and more.

CPM network offering interstitials, overlays, sliders, and various other formats. Competitive CPM rates, 65% payout to publishers, non-exclusive contract, real-time reporting, net 30 payment. Recently acquired the midAddle interstitial network.
Minimum 4000 monthly impressions.

No frills popup network probably suitable for high- or medium-traffic sites that do not prioritize visitor retention particularly highly. Sign-up is quick and painless. 5% referral program.

Premium Network's 150 websites reach 50 million unique visitors with 7 billion ad impressions monthly. Multiple banner types, with emphasis on hybrid and "beyond the banner" offers, including sweepstakes. Selective, worth exploring.
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