Promote your website through Link Popularity

More and more search engines are using link-popularity as a ranking method (Google is the originator of this technique). Under this system the ranking of your site depends in part on how many other pages link to yours, and how important those links are. That means that a secondary benefit of getting a link on major indexes is that it can improve your ranking on some search engines.

Without good link popularity, your pages will never be able to compete under popular keywords. Having plenty of sites to point to your pages is extremely important. However, the websites with link pointing to your site must have good quality content.

Link popularity and gaining new links from outside websites to your website have proven to be a popular concept for people seeking to improve their search engine rankings. Search engines don't just look at the content of your website (Google though seem to put more weight on content) to determine if you are a match for a search. They also look at the number of outside websites that can validate, by linking, that you are a good match.

The best way to build long-term link popularity is to offer good content and features that provide real value to your audience. As people discover your website and realize its benefits, the likelihood of them linking to your website naturally increases.

There are several ways to build up your link popularity:
1. Have good links from Yahoo and the Open Directory Project.
2. Have a link from topic specific or niche directories. These are websites that are dedicated to news
    and information that is an exact match for what you provide online.
3. Have links from resource sites. Resource sites are lists of links that people put up on their own.
4. Have links from partners and vendors for your business.
5. Participate in newsletters and online forums that relate to your website.

Google's algorithm uses link popularity as a major factor when ranking pages and other search engines have followed the same path. Altavista and Inktomi for example seem to be following this trend and are apparently decreasing the amount of attention they pay to the actual page submitted to them.

Quality Content - Good content ensures that other webmasters link to your site just because they think it's a valuable resource to their visitors - giving you traffic from the links, and a boost in your search engine rating too!

Reciprocal links are the most common and effective forms of website promotion. The concept is - you link to my site and I will link to yours and we both will increase the number of viewers to our sites. Finding complimentary sites are hard to come by because of lack of quality content, but they are extremely effective. Go sites with a high PageRank.

A good rule of thumb here is "If it doesn't interest me, it doesn't interest my viewers." All sites must be interesting and have to offer valuable service to the Internet community. Once you have such a site, communicate with its webmaster. Be honest.

Triangular link building. You set up a campaign, and links are delivered to your site daily. Your site is then linked to other sites, but not to sites that are linked to yours. You simply end up with unique links that are considered by search engines to be one-way links, which is a better way in their eyes, to make your website more popular.

Trade associations and professional groups - They tend to have high PageRank scores. They are a great way to meet others in your industry and promote your business.
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Resources To Help You Build Link Popularity

Check your website link popularity. When you get to website, click Free Web Tools on the tool bar.

Below is a list of links that can help build your link popularity.

Gotlinks is one that is free to use. Their condition is they will accept you only if you have already been listed in Google search engine. It seems to be a Catch-22

My Links Network
MyLinksNetwork is no longer just a great link exchange service - they are now also an article exchange service!

Text Link Brokers
This link is for webmasters interested in being paid to host Text Link Ads and Hosted Marketing Pages. Sell links, Earn money.

Link into 12,000+ shopping malls
Since 1988 they have been marketing companies around the globe and are now offering you the same high quality services and results that have made them so popular.

Get 750,000+ links daily
They claim their Submission and Linking service will immediately get you over 750,000+ web links on web sites around the internet!

TopTenSerp triangular link building.
They actually have a program in place that allows you to set up one link building campaign for free.

Their members can buy links from auctions or in targeted exchange programs.

It allows you to buy advertising in the form of text links.

One of the largest link sellers, it has an impressive variety of sites in its network. Get a free member account to browse the available sites.

Make sure that the sites you choose match your own site well and have the potential to bring in interested viewers.