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Website and blog experts have been using article marketing - ezine articles - to drive traffic to their websites for years. Article marketing is not a new method by any means, but there are new techniques evolving every day in how you can maximize your article marketing efforts.

With the increased cost and competition for Pay Per Click advertising many people are spinning their wheels for new marketing methods that are less expensive. One that has been around for many years is marketing through articles. Article marketing has been the backbone of the internet for decades as the Internet is content based. When you are looking for information, you put some keywords into your favorite search engine and bam you find all sorts of content.

Content Is King
The first and most important concept you will ever need to remember is “Content Is King!” Many marketers will spend a great deal of their time creating good quality content. Quality content that gives the reader what they are looking, will lead to success.

Write your own articles
Find a niche that interests you, where you can enjoy what you are writing about. Research the niche and make sure that it is not too competitive. Do some keyword research and see just how much competition is out there. From there decide on a website and begin writing your articles. Many people will create blogs to post their articles to.

Private Label Rights (PLR)
One such technique for those who do not enjoy writing their own articles, is to spin or rewrite PLR  articles. PLR articles are pre-written around niche topics and keywords and you can place your own name on it use it as your own.

Viral marketing tactics
The next is a mix of using article marketing with Viral marketing tactics. I will go into more details with these two avenues that you can use. Here we will go through many techniques that the top internet marketers are using everyday to generate loads of traffic and sales.

Submit your articles
Submit your articles to as many ezines and article directories as you can, as this is where the search engines will index your article for a keyword search. Many times if your content is very good you will find webmasters may take your article with the links and place it on their website. Now you have back links to your website. Post the article to your blog and start getting your traffic.

Writing like a Professional
When a blog, e-zine or other publishing website decides to run an article from a third party, it becomes a reflection on its brand. Therefore, publishers look for quality writing. Hone your writing skills for both headlines and content by taking advantage of some free resources like these listed below:

Daily Writing Tips
This extensive resource offers tips for business writing, fiction and freelance, along with grammar and punctuation tips, vocabulary and basic writing rules. This site is updated often so keep visiting it.

The Roberts Group Writing Tips
11 Ways to Improve Your Writing and Your Business is a booklet that gives you very practical, easy-to-understand guidelines to writing better copy.

Grammar Girl
This collection of podcasts hosted by Mignon Fogarty attacks common writing questions, such as "who" vs. "whom," and other writing stumbling blocks.
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