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The SEO Book by Aaron Wall is a wide ranging book that is put together to teach you how to optimize your website to get more visitors by ranking high on the search engines. The Search Engine Optimization industry (SEO) is a very competitive industry as well as one full of the riff raff of the internet promising thousands and even millions of visitors and often offering old outdated information as well as very dodgy advice that can get you banned from any and all search engines if you put it into place.

The SEO Book takes you right through the vast spectrum of techniques, tools, theories and history of Search marketing. While some chapters are lighter than others, every one is packed with detail, with an interactive section at the end of each for quick reference to tools and sites mentioned.

For experienced Search marketers, it may not be quite what you think. I presumed it would be very much aimed at the newbie market, and whereas it will certainly benefit those new to Search, for the more experienced marketer it proves an invaluable reference, and refresher on each facet of the game.

The best part is the fact that it's an eBook, and is being constantly updated and revised.

Whether you are an SEO or a do-it-yourself webmaster, this is truly the only "SEO Book" you will ever need. The SEO Book is an absolutely top-notch product and if you follow Aaron's guidelines, you will make the $79 you spend on this book many times over.

SEO book is a guide by search engine optimization expert Aaron Wall that teaches the fundamentals and best practices of SEO. Aaron is well recognized for his work on search engine optimization and his SEO book provides an easy to understand guide on how achieve better search engine ranking for your website.


Web CEO is a software package of ten main tools that help you to promote your site in search engines, analyze your visitors, and easily maintain your Website(s) at optimal quality.

Keywords are King. Web CEO helps you find the right keywords to target and you can move your Website from struggle to success. It's worth spending a lot of time analyzing keyword data in that search for the golden nugget! Web CEO searches from 16 meta search engines to obtain the keywords for which users search.

Web CEO is a suite of 10 seo tools:

    * Research Keywords
    * Optimize Pages
    * Edit Pages
    * Submit URLs
    * Check Rankings
    * Analyze Link Popularity
    * Get Traffic Reports
    * Upload Files Using FTP
    * Control Site Quality
    * Monitor Site Uptime

SE Submission
All of their submission services are aimed at a worldwide promotion level. They submit to all the major search engines on the entire web. When you use their submission services, you are promoting your website to the whole world.
SE Submission
SEO Book
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