Creating targeted and fresh content

Writing for the Web

The following are a few suggestions for creating targeted and fresh content. Get information that you can use as content on your website from the following different sources:

You might run a wonderful advertising campaign; develop viral marketing tools and attractive affiliate programs. But unless your Website is rich in content, the traffic spikes that result from your efforts will only be transient.

Content that is useful, valuable, informative, educational or just plain entertaining can attract and retain an audience better than anything else.

Limit your online content explorations only to websites and resources that are directly connected to your site's subject.

Join some related e-mail discussion lists. Explore the question being asked and the subjects people are discussing.

Examine what information is being broadcast on TV, news and talk shows. That information is usually hot topics.

Hang out in similar message boards. People leave questions for information they're seeking. That is a strong indicator of subjects to write about.

Develop a schedule to add content to your Website, and follow it. Nike has the right idea - 'Just Do It!'

Survey your web site visitors or current customers. Ask them what type of articles they would like to see published on your website, in your e-zine or blog.

Make a file of visitor or customer questions you receive via e-mail or phone. Usually, others have the same questions, but never ask.

Regularly check your website's guest book and blog. People sometimes leave questions or comments that would help you generate high readership articles.

Participate in chat rooms related to your targeted audience. Watch what questions people are asking and ask others what information they're interested in.

Check online bookstore's best sellers list. They're very good resources for finding winning topics and ideas to write about.

Use the time of year to come up with good topics. You could relate your content to the holiday, season, things that happen years ago during that time, etc.

Relate your article to a current news that's going on in your specific industry.
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