Get visitors come to your website repeatedly

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Visitors perception changes frequently as they know more and more about a certain subject. It's hard to keep up. Think about the following general rules and see if you can make some changes to make customers revisit your website. Remember, there is no bullet proof method. Nobody can give you guarantees.

If you have an ecommerce website, make sure your products and services are price and quality competitive.

Make sure your website is populated enough with good quality content.

User friendly
Make your website user-friendly. That includes not only the content but the natural flow of text as well. Also, make sure that the navigation bar is consistent on all pages.

Clickable elements on navigation bar
On the navigation bar, all hyperlinks should be clickable.

Customer feedback
It would be nice to have some mechanism to get customer feedback. For example, Contact Us, Blog, or Guest Book should be a part of the navigation bar. One or two or maybe all three can be used on the same navigation bar.

Guest book
Guest book and blog provides customers a method for communicating with one another.

Make sure you use enough keywords in your content for that page. Don't overcrowd the page with keywords though.

Eye pleasing site
Your website content and overall design should be pleasing to the visitors.

Unique service
If you can, provide an online service or tool that the visitors cannot get any place else.

Fresh content
Make sure you continuously and consistently write fresh content and update old ones. Changing content and interactive web site tools are the driving force behind return visits to any website.

Better design
You may be providing a product or service that customers can get some place else. Make sure your website is unique or at least better in design and content so that customers don't feel annoyed and confused.

Home page promise
If you have made promises on your Home page for the design and quality of your website, make sure you consistently follow the same strategy on all your website pages.
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