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According to wikipedia.com:
Tribal Fusion is a site representation company that partners with web publishers to provide advertisers with display ad placements. They sell on a site-specific, channel-wide and run-of-network basis. In December 2007, the network reached 72% of the online audience, in 7th place in its category.

Tribal Fusion offers its customers the ability to serve pop-under ads, which subvert pop-up blocking software.

Tribal Fusion also install software onto computer systems which act on your internet browser opening, this software displays an advert in a new browser window, this software is also known as adware

Tribal Fusion is the leading site representation company with a monthly reach of 19 billion impressions and 176 million users worldwide. Tribal Fusion payment is calculated based on Ad impressions. So the higher your website traffic is, the more revenue you will get.

They provide real-time revenue and impression reports. Since they offer CPM based Graphic and Flash Ads, you do not have to waste time blending the Ads like we do with AdSense Ads :D

Ads by Tribal Fusion are Graphical and Flash Ads, so they may annoy your visitors. They have popup Ads too, so you may want to remove them.

User Interface
At first glance, the user interface for publishers, which shares many of the same features as that offered advertisers on the network, is a bit daunting, but on further exploration is proves highly flexible and informative. Unwanted ads may be blocked according to a wide collection of categories, such as pop-ups, gambling, flashing, warning, etc., as well as by domain - a bit more complicated than the point-and-click options offered by Fastclick and Burst, but certainly functional.

Default Ads
Default ads are run exactly as though one were purchasing an ad flight on the Tribal Fusion network. Traditional gif images with click-through URLs or rich media html redirects can be handled directly by the publisher. There appears to be no specific limit on the number of default ads that may be congifured within any available media format. Multiple default campaigns within a specific media type may be prioritized to run at varying frequencies and may be scheduled to begin and end at a specific time frame and/or impression cap.

Tribal Fusion deals mainly with 468x60 banners and pop-ups, pop-unders, interstitials and floating ads, as well as a very limited supply of skyscraper inventory. Intrusive ads are capped to one display per user per day.

Reporting is excellent. The same interface provides access to daily, weekly, monthly, yearly statistics -- all updated in real time -- on revenue, default ads shown, campaigns shown, etc., with precise numbers of ad views and percentages of the total. It is thus quite easy to determine what types of advertisers appear to resonate best with your site. Missing appears to be CTR stats for individual ad campaigns, which would be helpful for publishers.

Payment Terms
Tribal Fusion pays 55% of gross proceeds within 45 days after the end of the month (Net 45). Sites are required to provide at least 1,000 unique visitors per day for each ad space listed on the Tribal Fusion marketplace. We have not seen any complaints for late payment or non-payment of publishers.

Payment terms are net 45. Tribal Fusion® will issue and mail you a check 45 days after the last day of the month during which your site generated more than $50 in net revenue.
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