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Clicksor is a Toronto, Canada-based division of YesUp Ecommerce Solutions, Inc., originally founded in 1999, but formally incorporated in 2001. The parent company focus is on ecommerce solutions through technical and marketing innovations, design and programming assistance.

Contextual advertising technology by Clicksor allows online visitors to enjoy the content of your website and bring generous earnings to webmasters at the same time. Clicksor will pay webmasters up to 60% of the advertising revenue to place contextual ads on their Web sites or blogs.

In addition to its own search engine, Yesup owned Clicksor displays advertiser text ads in a variety of methods on individual websites. Clicksor ads appear as text ads in banners and also in contextual keyword-highlighting of page text.

Payments are based on a net 15-term on a bi-weekly schedule. Webmasters can select from a wide range of media, such as text banners, graphical banners, pop-under advertisements, search boxes, contextual inline links, layer ads and XML feed to host on their websites or blogs.

Getting a stampede of visitors but not reaching full profit potential? If you're a webmaster with a superior site, why should you not have control over what you earn? Be the master of your domain! Clicksor Premium site partners have the option of ClicksorControl. It gives Premium publishers the best rates compared to any network.

Earn More Money From Your Website!
Clicksor offers webmasters the opportunity to earn more income by simply underlining a selection of clickable text (inline text links) or displaying targeted contextual ads (various sizes of banners) on their Web sites or blogs.

Generate revenue today and receive your payment in 15 days. Join our contextual advertising affiliate program today!

The basic premise is that you sign up, add your site(s), define your keywords and then place your ad codes.

Where AdSense dynamically determines the appropriate keywords based on the contents of your pages (resulting in automatic per-page targeting), Clicksor scheme has you put in every possible relevant keyword you can think of and hope for the best.

Reliance on affiliates is clearly a key part of Clicksor operations. Their PPC model includes not just a higher place for your ad, but also higher frequency of appearance on their publishers websites, as you manage your keyword bidding. They also share profits with their affiliates, reportedly up to 60% of the income.

In response to some recent comments by users that their clickthrough rates were abnormally low on Clicksor (one user cites .06%), Clicksor has just released a new All in One advertisement program that also places your linked keywords in the banner that comes up when someone originally clicks on your keyword, with the premise that this provides an extra opportunity for a clickthrough to your website.

In addition to a fairly traditional affiliate program, offers an interesting option for webmasters to earn $5 for referring other webmasters to Clicksor, if those new webmasters join the affiliate program.

Online demo clearly illustrates how the contextual and keyword hover techniques work.
Campaigns are normally begun within approximately 24 hours of submission of your keywords.
Campaigns can be terminated at any time with full return of unused account balance, but a written request for termination is required.

Payment option of PayPal, which makes it popular with international websites.

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