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Monetize the traffic to your website by placing new age relevant ads.
Chitika is a new type of ads network that many of you will find quite beneficial for your websites or blogs. The ads come in a range of sizes but usually have a picture of a product and then some tabs running across the top that say Description, Best Deals, Reviews and Search. As you put the cursor over the top of these tabs, they change what the ad shows.

Chitika stands out from the crowd of banner and text ads seen elsewhere. It makes better use of your advertising space by adding interactivity with the user. Users love the fact that mouseover functions can get them to reviews, products, and even a search without leaving your page.

You can use it as contextual or you can specify your own keywords or products, and even rotate keywords. You can control a lot, lot more than what you can with other programs - even things like the font in the ad!

Publisher refferal program
Chitika publisher referral program rewards you for bringing new publishers to the program. You earn 10% of what the people you have referred earn for the first 12 month. You can use text links or promotional banners to drive potential publishers from your websites.

Payments and payment options
Chitika pays on a NET 30 terms by check or PayPal. The minimum payout amount for checks is $50 and $20 for PayPal. Checks are sent on time and they are never late with payments. The split share is 60% of the overal revenue your website generates.

Publisher Opportunities

eMiniMalls - Personalize your eminimall with the products you want.
Interactive Merchandise Kiosks Get paid per click (PPC)!
Chitika's flagship product, eMiniMalls brings pay-per-click product promotion to life on the web. It provides visitors with relevant content and comparative shopping information without even leaving your website.

eMiniMalls are the industry's first and only intelligent and interactive product merchandising service. eMiniMalls present Web publishers with a feature rich service that offers online product merchandising, a dynamic recommendation engine and robust comparative shopping information in one solution. They are a way to supplement your existing ad revenue while providing a completely new revenue stream through interactive merchandising.

Related Products Unit (RPU) - Best non-intrusive way to earn PPC revenue.
RPU is a simple, non-intrusive text link format that integrates right in to your content, requiring minimal design changes. The RPU is a PPC (pay-per-clclick) unit designed to complement rather than cannibalize revenue from other ad networks.

Publisher Eligibility
In order to be an RPU Premier Publisher, you must:
Be a current Chitika Publisher who has made at least $100 with us.
OR Have a website or blog that receives at least 50,000 page views a month.

ShopLincs - Your own customized store with thousands of name brand products!
ShopLinc gives you the power to create your own personalized shopping experience for your audience. Your expert reviews will be featured alongside the products you choose to endorse!

ShopCloud$ - Discover a tag cloud that rewards!
Display popular products in an interactive tag cloud format where each product is linked to cost-per-click (CPC) search results featuring deals, promotions and offers from hundreds of name brand merchants.

Owna - The only widget that actually looks cool and earns you revenue.
Showcase one of thousands of products in any of five Ownas on your blog, website or myspace! OWNA's are available in different skins to provide diverse looks.

Linx - Intelligent keyword identification helps your readers shop the best deals available.
Chitika | Linx will automatically identify key products/keywords mentioned in the content on a website or blog and hyperlink (double underline) those keywords to interactive paid (CPC-based) product listings featuring best deals, offers and promotions from name brand merchants. When users mouse-over these links, a small bubble-like scroll over is revealed listing offers from merchants.
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