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BidVertiser is just like AdSense, but it has a broader class, allowing almost all publishers to implement it on their websites.

Bidvertiser can be a useful alternative to Google and offer some intriguing ad formats including what they refer to as free design. This lets you specify the look and dimensions of your text ads. I am not sure if you can use it alongside Google AdSense. 

Researching for this page, I noticed that quite a few website owners and bloggers are disappointed with BidVertiser while others feel the same way about Google AdSense.

Customize the layout of your ads. BidVertiser gives you a simple point-and-click tool to help you customize the layout of the ads to fit your site's look and feel, in order to retain the high quality of your website. Bidvertizer also offers the opportunity to block unwanted ads.

The reports provided by Bidvertiser are adequate but not outstanding. The only real problem is that they can be picky with who they accept into their program and can be quick to ban users whose websites show what may be perfectly valid fluctuating visitor behaviour.

BidVertiser claims to always display the highest bidders on your website, assuring the maximum revenue possible at any given time.

Bidvertiser On-Site Bid Per Click offers website owners with the ability to sell their ad space, automatically, to the highest bidder, on a price-per-click basis, where the price is mostly effected by the quality and popularity of their website.

Advertisers can place ads directly on sites of their choice and pay only when a visitor clicks-through their site. Bidvertiser serves text ads in all types of standard ad units, including banners, buttons, skyscrapers and inline ads.

Bidvertiser has strict guidelines for its participating publishers and advertisers. We manually review each website and ad to ensure our publishers the highest yielding ads, and the best conversion rates for our advertisers.

Bidvertizer pays you either in $50.00 increments by check or $10.00 increments by PayPal.

Publishers: Monetize your Website or Blog with BidVertiser
Make money from your Website or Blog - get paid for every click!  Join BidVertiser now and they will turn your advertising space into cash!  Simply display the BidVertiser text ads on your website and let advertisers bid against each other!
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Advertisers: Promote your Website or blog with BidVertiser. Get $20 in FREE clicks
Create and place your text ads on thousands of relevant websites. Run your ad on BidVertiser pay per click advertising network and start receiving new targeted and easy-to-convert prospects in less than 10 minutes:

1. Browse BidVertiser categorized directory of websites
2. Select the appropriate sites for your business
3. Set your desired geographic targeting
4. Create your text ad
5. Set budget and capping
6. Your ad is up and running
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eBay Sellers: Drive Buyers to your eBay Listings with BidVertiser. Get $20 in FREE Clicks
Run your ad on BidVertiser pay per click advertising network and start receiving new targeted and easy-to-convert prospects in less than 10 minutes:

1. Browse BidVertiser directory of participating sites and use their keyword tool to find the ones
    that are appropriate for your eBay item(s).
2. Choose your geographical targeting, to only show your ads to users from specific locations.
3. Set your max bid and budget.
4. Choose any of your eBay Items.
5. Your ad is created automaticaly.
6. Your ad runs on the sites you have selected.
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