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Google's AdSense program lets you sell advertising space for other people's ads on your website and not just any ads that Google chooses, but ads that are relevant to your site's content pages. The service is free, and you earn money every time someone clicks on an ad.

AdSense has become popular with bloggers and website owners who run mostly non-commercial sites. Google prefers pages with lots of text rather than lots of pictures, because it can better assess what kind of ads will be interesting to your visitors.

You sign up, reserve some space on your pages for the ads, paste Google-provided few lines of code into the HTML for your site, and let Google fill in your pages with color-coordinated ads. When somebody clicks one of the ads, Google pays you a fee (the amount varies, and the company doesn't disclose its payments).

Though you have no control over which ads appear on your site, Google does a very nice job of assessing your pages for content and supplying ads that might interest your visitors. So, make sure you have good relevant content on pages that you want Google ads to appear.

The AdSense robot visits on a regular basis, reading through your pages with ads. The robot takes a look at the words you use, the language of your site, the frequency with which you use them and the location of your visitors into account, even some of your page structure and formatting. Then Google uses all this info to figure out which ads your readers will be attracted to - ads so well-matched, in fact, that your readers will actually find them useful..

Google's online help pages for AdSense - Browse AdSense Topics - are useful information on setting up shop, getting the most out of the program, maintaining your account, troubleshooting, and so on. Visit the help site for new information every now and then.

Google AdSense blog keeps you informed and updated with the latest information on features, how best to use it and any problems you may have, etc.

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AdSense for mobile content - Have a mobile website? AdSense can help you earn money from your content with a simple, integrated solution. Get started with your Adsense Mobile Center.

Google Referral Program.
You'll earn $100 for every user you refer to AdSense who is located in North America, Latin America or Japan when they generate $100 in AdSense revenue within 180 days and they remove all payment holds. You'll no longer be paid for users you refer who are located elsewhere.

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