Can you write an eBook?

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How To Write & Sell eBooks

Of course you can and a profitable eBook! There's an e-book in everyone. And yours is based on what you already know. You know stuff other people don't... things people would pay to know. So you're already very close to profiting from your knowledge.

Now you just need to know...
    * How to pull it out of your brain
    * How to publish it
    * How to sell it on the Net

Where have you traveled, what did you learn, and what mishaps can you help others avoid? How did you solve or fix them? What would you have paid to avoid them? What did you learn?For that matter, who knows your own city better than you? Wouldn't you love to show it to tourists and business travelers yourself? Do it! Create your ultimate insider's guide to the best spots in town. Present and promote your knowledge properly, and others will pay to learn from your experience.

Still looking for your own example for this list? There are so many possibilities that the mind boggles. Make Your Knowledge Sell! (MYKS!) shows you how to find your special niche. Here's just one more real-world example for now...

Everybody has literally hundreds of starting points! All you need is some guidance and a plan of action that you can follow. We're talking about creating a fertile, fully developed idea farm!

Let's get you started right now...

- What is it that you love to talk about? A hobby? What do you do for fun and games?
- What do you do day after day; what you've learned from it.
- What sections of a book store or a magazine shop do you automatically gravitate toward?
- What kind of TV shows do you tend to like most? Movies?

Once you start writing that ebook of yours, think about the following:

Use the right words. Because words sell, not graphics. To sell more, write better. Make the most productive use of words, words that address the needs and wants of your customers.

The right words will overcome a mediocre look-and-feel. But use the wrong words, and even the most professional-looking site will be instantly destroyed.

Hemingway was a writer. Tolstoy was a writer. Stephen King is a writer. Writing is about crafting wonderful fiction, stories of power and feeling. But we're talking here about creative writers.

So again, yes! You can write. Just do it!
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