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Well-managed affiliate marketing network featuring a fast and easy-to-use user interface, about 65 merchants and a good range of offers. Excellent tools for advertisers wishing to initiate their own affiliate programs. Worth exploring.

Well-constructed affiliate network with a clean, professional appearance. Offers CPA and CPC campaigns. Currently beta-testing a new merchant management console, and therefore short on offers, but expected to be fully operational in the very near future.

Cleanly implemented affiliate network offering a good mix of pay per lead and co-registration deals. Excellent user interface and good value. Recommended.

Affiliate network offering a reasonably good range of deals through a rigidly screened collection of publisher sites. Easy-to-use publisher interface, traditional and incentivized offers. Shows promise, worth exploring.

Professional affiliate network offering a solid, if small, mix of offers from a good variety of advertisers. Real-time statistical reporting using the DirectTrack affiliate management interface. High payouts, worth a visit.

Cleanly designed and easily navigated pay-for-performance network offering a good collection of primarily consumer-oriented offers. No setup fees for advertisers. Includes a 10% referral program.

A well-managed, professional affiliate network managing a collection of casino and other gambling sites. Offers a two-tier affiliate program.

Well-organized, professionally presented pay per click network offering a wide variety of advertising options and formats including html and xml data streams, banners, textlink directories and more.

Well-designed, professional performance-based advertising network offering products from over 700 merchants. Real-time stats reporting.

Highly international, multi-lingual site offering a good variety of solid affiliate relationships for publishers and a very professional system for advertisers. Recommended for both.

Large, highly professional international affiliate network serving an impressive collection of top-quality advertisers and an extensive range of countries and languages. Somewhat technical user interface, but designed with a reassuring attention to detail. Recommended.
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