Scripts to create sitemaps for your website

Introduction to Sitemaps For Promoting Your Website

Scripts to Create Site Maps for Search Engine Spiders

Free Mochila Sitemap Generator
You might need to download free Sun Microsystem Java Runtime
The Google Sitemap Generator service is free for any organization or individual that maintains a website and wishes to make it easier for Google to include their site in Google's search engine.

This sitemap project has been released to the open source community so that anyone can modify or use it for free. Currently they will only include the first 5000 pages of your site when creating your sitemap. Visit here again to see if this limit is changed.

Free ROR Sitemap Generator
This free tool will crawl your website and generate a ROR Sitemap with up to 1,000 URLs for ALL search engines, not just Google. ROR is a rapidly growing XML format for describing any object on a website (sitemaps, products, services, menus, images, reviews, contact info, business info, etc), so any search engines can better understand its content.

Scripts to Create Site Maps for Visitors

Likno's AllWebMenus
Powerful web menu solutions. In AllWebMenus 5 you can use your own HTML code on selected menu items to achieve enhanced formatting or advanced functionality, from a simple working link, up to forms, flash objects, search boxes, even full-scale web pages. Download the example project and explore the broad range of new capabilities delivered by the enhanced <Item Text> property.

SearchBliss Site Map Generator
Create a site map instantly and make your site surfer friendly and easier to navigate. Generated site maps are robot freindly (spiderable).

FreeFind's site map creator is integrated with their site search technology and can be used together with their search engine, or separately without the use of their search engine.

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