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I realize that there is a lot of information on these pages. It will get easier if you follow the tutorial in a step-by-step approach from beginning to end. First, go over the major topics and then dig a bit deeper. Come back again to refresh your memory.

On all pages, the words Web Server and Web Host are used interchangeably.

For your convenience, I have divided this tutorial into multiple chapters. Glance over them. Don't click on any link for a moment and just imagine what is involved in this tutorial.

It's so simple and easy to follow like Gene Wilder once said to Richard Pryor: "The plan is so simple. I am not afraid any more" and neither should you be.

Chapter 1 - Home
In this chapter, you will learn or brush up on web terminology. You will find some free information, along with how to protect your PC. You will also learn about the owner of this website.

Chapter 2 - Create Website
Here, you will learn what you need to know to create your website in terms of how to choose subject, name, design and content, how to make it search engine friendly and how to avoid certain obvious mistakes. You will also learn how to manage your website.

Chapter 3 - Promote Website
This opens up another menu that deals strictly with website promotion. Let the world know about your website.

You can promote your website in three do-it-yourself steps, namely:

Submit To Directory
Submitting to directories is the first step in website promotion. Directories usually only accept sites that offer quality information. Because all sites submitted to directories are reviewed by humans, sites that are of low quality rarely get accepted. This is a straight-forward simple to understand internet marketing activity which can be performed by any website owner.

Submit To Search Engine (SE)
Barring some miracle, you are waiting for your website to be listed in Yahoo and ODP directories.  You, surely, can submit to the major search engines in the mean time. Once included in the directories, you should be receiving traffic to your website. However, to increase viewers to your site, you should next submit to search engines.

More Guidelines
Here you will learn about link popularity, sitemap, ezine articles, email, social & business networks and discussion forums, etc.

Chapter 4 - Monetize Website
One of the many great things about the online industry is that publishers, regardless of size, can generate revenues from their websites or blogs. To be an online entrepreneur, you do not need years of experience or academic degrees; you do not have to be a marketing expert, a confident webmaster or an advertising wizard.

Chapter 5 - Money & Investing
You are making money and hopefully lots of it from your website. You are ready to make some investment. Here, you will learn about various ways to invest your money.
A Website Tutorial
Learn to create your first website
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